Wyatts the long love that in

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Wyatt & Surrey (retroactive post for 3/25)

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The Long Love That In My Thought Doth Harbour by Sir Thomas ecoleducorset-entrenous.com long love that in my thought doth harbour And in mine hert doth keep his residence Into my face presseth with bold pretence And therein campeth.

The Long Love that in my Thought doth Harbour

Page. The long love, that in my heart doth harbor And in mine heart doth keep his residence, Into my face presseth with bold pretense, And there campeth, displaying his banner. She that me learneth to love and to suffer, And wills that my trust and lust's negligence Be reined by reason, shame, and reverence, With his hardiness taketh displeasure.

Wyatt’s “The Long love that in my thought doth harbor” and Surrey’s “Love, that doth reign and live within my thought” both portray similarities as well as differences. They are both poems based on love, emotion and spirituality.

Recently having read Sir Thomas Wyatt's sonnet, "The Long Love," and Henry Howard's "Love that doth reign and live," I would suggest that though both men choose to love, they also prefer to avoid. Born in Kent, England, Sir Thomas Wyatt was an ambassador to France and Italy for King Henry VIII.

Wyatt’s travels abroad exposed him to different forms of poetry, which he adapted for the English language — most notably, the sonnet.

The Long Love - Poem by Sir Thomas Wyatt

Long Love That In My Thought Doth Harbor The Sir Thomas Wyatt Last Updated on Mon, 06 Nov | British Poetry () By most accounts, Sir Thomas Wyatt's visit to Italy .

Wyatts the long love that in
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The Long Love that in my Thought doth Harbour by Sir Thomas Wyatt | Poetry Foundation