Two kinds themeantagonist and protagonist of the two kinds

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Our blades can write any other essay for you!. Transcript of Analysis of "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan There are two main characters in this story; Jing-Mei and her mother.

Her mother moves from China to America after having a devastating loss of her first husband, mother and father, home, and two twin baby girls. Analysis: The short story, “Two Kinds,” displays the relationship between a Chinese mother and a disobedient Americanized daughter.

Jing-mei, a second-generation Chinese daughter, deals with her own internal conflict as well as an external conflict with her mother. Familiarizing yourself with the different ‘types’ of antagonist that could be wreaking havoc in your narrative will help you identify why, where and how conflict could spark.

What are Literary Devices

The Big Bad. The name speaks for itself. This is the big kahuna standing in the way of your protagonist’s main story goal.

What Is the Summary of the Novel

They can be related to or familiar with. Suyuan Woo The central event in Suyuan's life is the loss of her twin baby daughters.

In a desperate attempt to save her babies from the Japanese troops advancing through China, Suyuan leaves them by the side of the road. Soon after, she meets her second husband, Canning Woo.

They emigrate to. Get an answer for 'Discuss the story and the lesson in "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan?' and find homework help for other Two Kinds questions at eNotes. The setting for the story is in the protagonist. Plot Strategies. by Kimberly Appelcline. boy gets girl" plot structure. Some say, on the other hand, that there are only two real story plots: someone goes on a journey a stranger comes to town And, if you look closely at these two plots, you might even say that they are only two ways of looking at the same plot!

the protagonist finds a.

Two kinds themeantagonist and protagonist of the two kinds
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