The quantum of continuity essay

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The Quantum Of Continuity Essay Research Paper

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The Quantum Theory

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The essay is about the implications of the latest researches in quantum physics and their relevance to human life. Probably the same mechanism that is responsible for our imagination is at work in the working of the universe also because our imagination knows no bounds just as the reality of the universe.

Quantum immortality seems very dubious. But what about quantum mortality? A circle is defined as infinite points all the same distance away from a central point. If you make this it would look like a line but in reality not have any continuity. The essay is about the implications of the latest researches in quantum physics and their relevance to human life.

Probably the same mechanism that is responsible for our imagination is at work in the working of the universe also because our imagination knows no bounds just as the reality of the universe.

The quantum of continuity essay
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Quantum Reality in Daily Life