The future of cinema essay

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The celebrated critic and film scholar Annette Michelson saw the avant-garde filmmakers of the s and s as radically redefining and extending the Modernist tradition of painting and sculpture, and in essays that were as engaging as they were influential and as lucid as they were learned, she set out to demonstrate the importance of the underappreciated medium The essay—with its emphasis on the provisional and explorative rather than on definitive statements—has evolved from its literary beginnings and is now found in all mediums, including  · Cinema, popular or parallel, a visual art of story–telling with rich inputs of music, screenplay, cast and script, mirrors the contemporary society in which it functions.

From emotional dramas to  · Cinema of Attractions: The Features of Cinema Essay - According to Gunning (), spectacle dominates narrative in the early film-making industry (p. 59), whilst this is the most significant feature in the conception of “cinema of attraction” Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Cinema Is Good Or Bad?" advancement, very little has emerged to establish whether they are good or bad.

The essay will demonstrate why cinema is good. of the world. Thus, through them, we gain knowledge of the past, present and future occurrences and state of affairs.

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The future of cinema essay
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