The battle of antietam essay

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Battle of Antietam: A Bloody Day in US History Essay - The Battle of Antietam is remembered as the bloodiest single day of the American Civil War and US history. This battle, also known as the Battle of Sharpsburg, was fought on September 17, ; and it was named by the Union because it took place near Antietam Creek.

Advantages of the Union Advantages of the Confederacy -Banking, Factories and ships.-More railroads to move supplies, men and equipment.

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JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. The Battle of Gettysburg - The Battle of Gettysburg was the major turning point of the Civil War. The confederate army was led by General Robert E. Lee, an experienced, educated, and extremely successful career military officer.

The Battle of Antietam Essay Words 8 Pages September, outside of the town of Sharpsburg, Maryland, between the Potomac River and Antietam Creek, was the location of the bloodiest battle in American history.

Essay: The Battle of Antietam The Battle of Antietam was fought on September 17, The United States Army of the Potomac led by General George B. McClellan fought against the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia led by General Robert E. Lee.

The battle of antietam essay
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