Plastic pollution in the ocean essay

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Plastic Pollution In The Pacific Ocean

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Ocean pollution can eventually cause air pollution. Dirt can also spill into waterways from top soil or silt from fields or construction sites, causing endangerment to fish and wildlife habitats. Research Paper 16 April Essay III How Plastic Pollution is Out of Control Many individuals underestimate the amount of plastic we use each day.

What is Plastic Pollution?

If we do not stop plastic pollution in our oceans the ocean will eventually lose its habitats Atlantic Ocean. Plastic pollution is caused by people using the ocean as a trash can. People are careless and would rather litter than throw the pastic bag away or recycle it.

Convinenece to people is. Other causes that happened because of plastic pollution is the marine life being threaten of the big amount of plastic that dumps in the ocean.

Plastics in Our Oceans

In fact in Australia, AMCS found that 90% of marine debris on Sydney’s beaches is plastic, mostly bottles and straws. Plastic Oceans Foundation is a global non-profit organization that addresses the issue plastic pollution and how it impacts our waters, sea life and humans. Plastic pollution is when plastic has gathered in an area and has begun to negatively impact the natural environment and create problems for plants, wildlife and even human population.

Plastic Pollution In The Pacific Ocean Plastic pollution in the ocean essay
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