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In the Devil’s Snare

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The Devil’s Snare

Measuring I asked myself: It appears significant that the effects of demoniac torment often sounded blank to the descriptions of days tortures and suffering during the two Principle wars. Some interpretations blame ergot poisoning or an outbreak of encephalitis as the primary causes of the SajgmJWitchcraft Crisis.1 Other historians have argued that it was the social and political discord among the men of Salem that engineered the rise of the Salem witchcraft calamity.2 Mary Beth Norton, in her work In The Devil’s Snare, offers a significant departure from the current historiography of the Salem.

About In the Devil’s Snare Award-winning historian Mary Beth Norton reexamines the Salem witch trials in this startlingly original, meticulously researched, and utterly riveting study. In the people of Massachusetts were living in fear, and not solely of satanic afflictions.

The Devil’s Snare: The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of By Mary Beth Norton In the Devil’s Snare is a book about the Salem Witchcraft Crisis of in which the towns people accused women and men of using witchcraft to cause unexplained happenings throughout the town.

All in all, In The Devil’s Snare was a decent book. I don’t think I ever found it really interesting at any point, nor was there a place that made me want to keep reading and not push the book aside for a little. My recommendation to others would be limited. Devils in the Shape of Good Men Mary Beth Norton, In the Devil's Snare: The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of New York: Knopf, pp., cloth, $ For Mary Beth Norton's earlier essay, see "Finding the Devil in the Details of the Salem Witchcraft Trials," The Chronicle of Higher Education.

All in all, In The Devil’s Snare was a decent book. I don’t think I ever found it really interesting at any point, nor was there a place that made me want to keep reading and not push the book aside for a little.

In the devils snare essay
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