Chaotic behavior of the logistic equation essay

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2 Chaotic behavior of logistic equation Before describing some interesting chaotic models which make use of logis-tic equation, we brie y describe the theoretical behavior of the solutions of equation (2).

Since the variable x Logistic map: from order to chaos.

Chaos theory

Essay on A Novel Technique of Securing Images using Chaos and EZW; Essay on A Novel Technique of Securing Images using Chaos and EZW.

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Chaos theory

CHAOS AND EZW A. CHAOS BASED SCRAMBLING ALGORITHM: Chaotic logistic map is given by equation (1). Simple nonlinear difference equations can exhibit chaotic behavior.

The following logistic difference equations are two examples that have received much attention (e.g., [ 16,): X.+l=(l+r>Xn(1-X,) X,+! =X,exp(r(l-X,)). $1 As the value of r increases above 2, there is period doubling and eventually chaos. What Is Chaos? In everyday language "chaos" implies the existence of unpredictable or random behavior.

The word usually carries a negative connotation involving undesirable disorganization or confusion. Chaotic Behavior Of The Logistic Equation Essay - Abstract Chaotic systems are nonlinear dynamical systems that exhibit a random, unpredictable behavior.

Trajectories of chaotic dynamical systems are sensitive to initial conditions in the sense that starting from slightly diĀ®erent initial conditions the trajectories diverge expo- nentially. A jerk system's behavior is described by a jerk equation, and for certain jerk equations, simple electronic circuits can model solutions.

These circuits are known as jerk circuits. One of the most interesting properties of jerk circuits is the possibility of chaotic behavior.

Chaotic behavior of the logistic equation essay
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